My Faults…My Moves… (Part Three)

My Faults...My Moves... Photo Credit: Google

My Faults…My Moves…
Photo Credit: Google

Author’s note: Hi everyone, I’m so it took me so long to publish this part of the story. Things haven’t been easy at all…and again, with this fuel thingy in Nigeria. I just hope things end up for better.
Anyway, here’s the next part. Enjoy!

Emeka, my faithful driver, was already waiting for me outside the airport with the car, by the time the immigration officers cleared my passport and luggage.
“Oga Sah! Welcome Sah! How your Journey Sah?” He greeted me cheerfully.
“Emeka”, I replied, smiling at him, “I’m fine, thank you my friend, how’re you too?” I asked him.
“I dey o Oga, I dey kampe!” He replied.
“How the girlies?”
“Girlie?” He asked, genuinely amused.
“Oh…I mean the wives…” I said in a conspiratory tone.
“Oh…!” He exclaimed and we both burst into laughter, “Wives? At my age? Oga I beg o…I still wan read…” He finally replied.
“If I hear…” I said.
Emeka had been with me for about four years now. I employed him immediately after he graduated from secondary school, and then, he was twenty-one years old. I paid for his UTME, which he passed excellently and he got admitted for the distant learning program of one prestigious federal university located at my residential city. He spent his free time driving me around, and anytime he was not around, I drove myself.
“How studies nah?” I asked him.
“Oga, E dey go on wella”, He replied, “I thank God and you Sah!”
“You’re welcome, my friend.”
We soon got home. Only Eunice came out to welcome me.
“Welcome Dad”, She greeted me, smiling sweetly.
“Thank you Sweetheart” I replied, “How’re you?” I asked her.
“I’m fine.”
“What about your siblings?”
“Emmanuella is having her bath, Emmanuel is asleep and Mum just left the house not quite long before you arrived.”
I looked at my wrist-watch; it was 4:39pm.
“For where?” I asked her.
“She didn’t specify.”
“It’s okay.” I said, “Ehm…Emeka, please, help me unpack my loads inside.” I said to my driver.
“Alright Oga” He said and started bringing the luggage down from the car boot.
Eunice went to him, collected my laptop bag from him and she took it inside, while Emeka carried the rest. It was then I remembered that I forgot to get a gift for him. I brought out my wallet and counted out #3000. I gave it to him when he returned and he thanked me profusely.
I went inside. The sitting room was empty, so, I went straight to the masters’ bedroom. I was unbuckling my wrist-watch when my phone rang. I looked at the screen and saw it was Kola, my childhood friend and business associate calling me. I picked it.
“How far Ogbeni?” I greeted him.
“Wo o Ore, I’m fine o, where are you?” He asked.
“I’m at home; I just arrived from that meeting I told you about.” I replied.
“Good!” He exclaimed, “Come over to Rosemary Hotel and Suites now!” He said, but I could sense the impatience in his tone.
“Rosemary Hotel and Suites? For what?” I asked.
“I saw your wife and a man come in just now.” He replied.
“What? Are you serious?”
“Damn serious!” He exclaimed, “Have I ever played this kind of joke on you before?” He asked.
I tried to calm down and not jump to conclusions.
“Probably, she is there for a meeting…”
“Yes, Meeting indeed!” He interrupted me and there was no way I could have missed the sarcasm in his voice, “The man’s hand was around her waist, and they both walked together to the receptionist, where the man collected a room key and they both left for the elevator”
I sighed deeply.
“Thank you Kola.” I said calmly, although I was boiling seriously inside.
“What are you going to do now?” He asked.
“What I should have done a long time ago!” I replied and ended the call.
I did not bother to change my clothes; I left the room instantly and made for the garage. My three kids were in the sitting room; I mumbled a greeting to them and did not even bother to wait for their replies before I went outside to the garage. I called Emeka and told him to give me the car keys. Seeing my facial expressions, he knew something was wrong, so, he immediately handed them over to me, or he would have volunteered to drive me. I started the car, ordered him to open the gate, which he did in seconds and I drove off.
A drive that should have taken me thirty minutes took just fifteen minutes or so. I drove inside the hotel grounds, and as I was alighting from the car, I saw Kola walking towards me.
“Richie boy, what do you want to do now?” He asked me, extending his hand to me for a handshake.
I looked at his face and saw real concern there. I took his extended hand and shook it briefly.
“Nothing really serious” I said, and started walking to the reception room.
“Just take it easy o” He said to my retreating back.
I nodded. I walked inside the reception room and moved over to the receptionist. The lady was dressed in a tight-fitting flowery gown, with a tag on her right chest showing the name ‘Bola’.
“Hi” I greeted.
“Hello Sir, Good evening. How may I help you?”
“Please, I need to know if a man and an average height, brunette-skinned, pretty woman are presently using one of your rooms.” I said to her.
“Ehm…a man and a lady of your description came in not quite long ago…but wait, let me check Sir.” She said, drawing the check-in register towards herself and browsing through the names.
“Yes…” She said, after a minute, “A man named Roland Akinjobi and one Julia McGlow checked in around 4:58pm…” She said to me, looking up from the check-in register.
“Yes…Yes…that’s definitely them. Please, can you tell me their room number?” I asked her hurriedly.
“Errrr…I’m sorry Sir, we don’t disclose the details of our customers to strangers.” She replied.
I promptly brought out my National I.D. card from my wallet and showed it to her.
“Bola” I called her name, “My name is Richard McGlow and that woman that went in with that man is my wife, Julia McGlow.” I said to her pleadingly.
She looked at the I.D. card for some seconds, after which she gave me a long look for about a couple of minutes.
“Room 507, on the tenth floor, please Sir, violence is not allowed.” She said.
“Thank you” I said to her and walked into the elevator.
The room was the second room on the left side when walking away from the elevator. I paused a little before I entered. I tried to calm myself down and I decided to take things as cool and normal as they can be. I did not knock, I entered abruptly.
The man was lying on the bed, still fully clothed, and I heard the shower in the adjoining bathroom running, signifying Julia was there. I stood there looking at the man. It was then I remembered that I had met him before. Julia, at our fifteenth year wedding anniversary, had invited him and introduced him to me as her university classmate and friend. He lay on the bed, obviously shocked, looking at me too.
“You!” I said. That was the only word I could manage to say. By this time, the shower had stopped running and not long after, Julia came out of the bathroom, with a towel fully wrapped around her and her long hair still dripping.
“What? Richard?” She exclaimed, her right hand moving to cover her open mouth. Her eyeballs bulged out in total surprise and shock. She stood there at the bathroom door, apparently perplexed.
I summoned up courage and I spoke.
“Sir” I said to the man, “This woman here is my legitimate wife of more than nineteen years, I’m not sure if there’s a mistake somewhere, but I have to let you know that you can’t have her. She has been taken already.”
“Yes Sir.” He replied sheepishly.
“Sweetheart” I turned to Julia, “Please dress up, we are going home.”
She nodded dazedly…

To be continued…


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