Short Freaky Stories Series – Episode Two

Short And Freaky Stories

Short And Freaky Stories

It was 2:00am by the bedside clock. The door creaked open. I sat upright on the bed immediately, straining my eyes to see what must have kicked it open. I reached for the lights and slapped it on. I saw my Mum crawl into the room, wearing torn cloths, and looking like she’s been pulled through the mud. My mind raced to hell and back… Mum died 7 months ago and those were the cloths she was buried in!

She crawled towards me, her deteriorating skin falling to the ground. Fear gripped my soul and my eyes widen in horror. I tried to scream but my parched throat refused to let anything through. She climbed my bed, grabbed my leg and whispered… “Let’s go home” She dragged me away while I tried unsuccessfully to free myself…

I was still squirming when I woke up, my face covered in beads of sweat. I sat bolt upright and released a loud sigh of relief. “Oh! It was just a dream!” I wiped my sweaty face with my arm. The clock clicked twice… it was exactly 2am.

And at that instant, the door creaked open…

Peace Popoola, Pen Name: Peace Pop Peace, is a budding talented fiction writer who hopes to reach the world with the tentacles of her creativity. She loves interacting with intelligent people who she believes will help her mind reach beyond the boundaries of its intellectual and creative capabilities. She studies Veterinary Medicine in the University of Ibadan.


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