The Evil that is…GOD! – The Random Thoughts of two Roaming Minds (Conclusion) (BellaRoseDuVie featuring Spyglass)


You claim to be Omniscient. Yet, You can’t even find the lost Chibok girls!
Do You know how many of your so-called “Christians” actually prayed for your intervention…the intervention which never came by the way?
Your truth is uncovered!
Hey! You out there! Yes! Yes…you!
Do you really think He knows every silly thought…wrong step…good deed or wrongdoing of yours?
No! Of course…He doesn’t!
And that is why He came up with all those concepts – prayer, intercession, confession…
You know what that means?
You have to say it out loud for Him to know it! Yeah!
…and the part, about Him being All-powerful, is a serious LIE!!!
If He really does have power…then Abiola MKO should not have died!

Now…back to You! Yes…you!
You are not even a normal entity. You are a mere dysfunctional being!
You have no body, no soul and…and…You are three-in-one…?
Geez! What could be wierder than that?
You take delight in seeing men cry…women writhe…children die…people suffer!
Its because You have no heart!
You’re only a patheticand sarcastic Being who doesn’t even have a straight history!
If You’re really about “love”…then we would never know about the word ‘Strata’ or ‘Caste’!
But alas! You are more than even that… You are a rascist!
A two-timing male chauvinist!
Making women stronger and yet the weaker vessels.
Aren’t we all supposed to be created in Your image?
Wait… Is that even right at all?
What is the actual image of Him who we cannot see? Male? Female? Haemaphrodite?
Even You Yourself…You are unsure of Your own identity…image!
What is the right sexual relationship?
Is it the homo or the hetero or the bi-sexual? Which do you endorse?
I think You fancy them all, because You created these things all by YOURSELF!!!
And of course, You must have tested them all through…huh…?

You are a freak who does nothing but throw Your sorry weight around on the innocent because You can’t just stand to see others smile.
Why create man?
Why create anything at all when You obviously cannot provide for or sustain their existence?
You watch patiently and let the poor crawl and beg and rove and cry only to die the most traumatic death possible…despite having lived perfectly insignificant!
What is the purpose of creating them if not to ridicule, mock and derive great pleasure from their miserable episodes?
Babies lose contact with life barely after opening their eyes to this unreceptive world.
Diseases, epidemics, wars, strife, chaos and anarchy characterize Your reign!
Why should all these be when You are?
The life You give is worthless…or how else do You want to explain the fact that we all have to die…and probably go into fire, if we can’t bribe You with enough good deeds!
You are actually the most incorrigible LIAR there is or ever will be!
You ask for the perfectly impossible when even You with all Your “perfect splendour” cannot achieve the half of it!
You abhor sin of any kind…right?
“Speak the truth always”…You say.
But guess what?
You don’t even know what those words mean.
We don’t know Your origin or essence…yet You would inquire even the unthought thoughts in the deepest closets of our hearts!

You sin against us every second of…every minute of…every hour of…every day of…every week of…every month of…every year of…every decade of…every millennium!
You’re good and kind-hearted…yeah?
Even Your supposed Son’s grave agony on a perfectly demeaning and gruesome cross could not trigger the slightest pity from You…You treacherous being! How much more we helpless humans…and our overwhelming suffering?
You’re so BRUTAL and UNJUST…!

But despite all what we THINK You are…
It doesn’t change who you really are…does it?
Even though it’s against our wishes…and desires, You still manage to order our lives around…don’t you?
And that! Yes! That…is what makes You who You are meant to be…who You are…!
That is what defines Your personality!
That is what constitutes Your WORKS…

That is the very essence of Your entity!

You are simply Unquestionable; Unfathomable; Unpredictable!


…and Your ways are mysterious…
…or so, you make us think…

14th April 2016.
©BellaRoseDuVie et Spyglass

Note: The Authors of this piece are not in anyway Anti-God.


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