The Evil that is…GOD! – The random thoughts of two roaming Minds (BellaRoseDuVie featuring Spyglass)

You throw the bait; I fall for it; the hook, the line, the sinker…all!
I walk, barefooted, in the desert… You led me there, remember? …and then, You leave…
Glorious mirages…of the cure for my Soul’s thirst; the ringing laughter in my head, of the demons of Hades, when they turn Gloat-tious Mire-cages.
They say the earth is round; then I turn around…but all I see are smirks, on the faces of everything you fashioned…and yet, they claim for you, “He’s not the cause!”
But how do I believe?
Isn’t the creation the reflection of the Creator?
Out of my incessant grumbles, probably, you lead a river to my path.
“Too good to be true…” I think. And yet again, you prove me right!
For when I stooped to drink from Your river, I turned your footstool…
You trample upon my head…and my tears mingle with the Fears in the river.
Tears…and fears…in the river; the sacred union of salinity and bitterness.
You cause the heavens to open…and you make the river flood. Then, your legs push me in…and I drown…Yes! I drown…in the works of your hands!
They say you are not evil; then I laugh…I laugh at their scornful ignorance!
You know why?
I doubt you do! I will light up your ignorance!
The one who does evil is not evil; the one who watches silently, while the one who does evil does the Evil, is the one who does evil!
That doesn’t sound right?
I bet it does! I’ll tell you why!
You claim you control all; You claim you fashioned all…the rocks, the plains, the roses…and their THORNS!
Evil might not come from you…straight off…but it sure comes from the WORK of your hands! And you watch…you say nothing…while your WORK works evil!
You are EVIL!

Your words are the exact opposite of what your actions are!
You say You’ve blessed me, yet I have to ask for it in prayer?
You claim you created everything good…Then why is my face an exception?
You knew me before I was formed in my mother’s womb…right? If that were true, You’d know that I didn’t want the mother you chose to mother me!
And that thing called freedom of choice…power to choose…that humans are supposed to possess? Its a FARCE!
You know why?
I’ll tell you!
You created the situation!
You availed the options!
YOU influence my decisions! You…YOU…YOU!!!
You are so twisted! You are cunning! Calculating sinister thoughts all the while…yet, claiming to have good plans. Haha! I’d be a sucker to believe all that religious crap!
If it were all true, I wouldn’t be born African…I wouldn’t ever have wretched parents and definitely wouldn’t have a low self esteem…because…because…becuase I don’t match up to even a cheap imitation of a word related to beauty.
And yeah…if it were all true…I’d be the President of America!

Why should the sky be so blue?
Did it ever occur to You that blue isn’t a colour that turns me on? In fact…I hate blue! The only kind I tolerate is Pink. And Yellow. Or a fusion of both.
Whoever said I should be created a human with 10 UNEQUAL fingers!
Yet You say You are just!
Yeah…right? You are.
Giving people different UNEQUAL and INCONSISTENT counts of gifts that don’t even match up to their dreams, physical qualities and resources.
How come one man has to struggle…break…fight his way out of abject poverty…for significance, when another has it in abundance even from birth?
Dark skin, white skin, yellow skin, red skin…where do all these colours come from?
We’re “supposed” to be created in Your image…right?
Then tell me, what colour of skin do You have?
Exactly! No one knows!
And there You are…sitting on that throne or whatever You call Your comfy chair…mocking us all the way! Laughing at all our ignorace…clowny looks and flaws!

To be continued…

©BellaRoseDuVie et Spyglass


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