I Uncaged ME!

I Uncaged Me!

I Uncaged Me!

I was jailed!
I was tortured!
I chained…tied…bound!

By who?
You may ask…


I locked myself in,
And threw the keys into the Abyss.

I gulped in the ugly words,
That he poured down my throat…
I shed bitter tears,
As he trampled roughshod over me,
And gave no apologies.

I kissed the dust,
While he rained deathblows,
Down on me.

Then…in a moment…
Just one moment…
I wanted no more!
No more torments!

The scales fell!
I wanted no more!
No more hell…for me!

All in just one kairotic moment.

I scaled the walls,
Of my gloomy dungeon,
And rendered the keys useless.

How did I?


Yes! I forgave him!

My chains broke!
I walk out…free!
I walk out…liberated!
My shackles…they melted,
By the warmth of my free mind.

I walk out of my own prison.
Just because…

I let him go…

Lazarus Toluwanimi is a budding but passionate writer who pens down…straight from the depths of her mind. She is reserved, though simple, and she believed in the power of the pen to liberate caged thoughts.
She studies Communication and Language Arts in the University of Ibadan.


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