Twinkle...wish you stay... Photo Credit: Poet

Twinkle…wish you stay…
Photo Credit: Poet

Oh!…that this twinkle will stay,
To create an Inferno,
And last the night,
Last the years…

Oh!…that this Smile will never fade…
Cut across my streams and valleys,
Munched, crunched to reappear,
Like cuds that billies chew…

…and if the night will, it could stay…
Stay my fears and daylight’s shame…
Shame the light that scorns my look,
When I know there can’t be ‘US’.

Oh!…that this moment will dwell,
And I may, all creatures, tell
The joy in its pent up folly;
The comfort that, thus, make me wholly.

Alas! This twinkle won’t stay.
It is meant for miles away.

9th February 2016

Oladoja, Adesola Peter, Pen Name: Peterberyl, is a talented poet and storyteller who is in love with WORDS and their power to influence the world, depending on how they are used. He is simple and passionate about Children. He believes in the concept of true love and its positive might; and he celebrates Humanity on account of this. He studies Communication and Language Arts in the University of Ibadan.


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