Short Freaky Stories Series

Episode One

Short And Freaky Stories

Short And Freaky Stories

Carol left the office hurriedly. Slamming the car door as she entered it, she dialled the nanny’s number, and it rang repeatedly without any response. Frustrated, she dumped her phone in her bag, inserted and turned the car keys and jammed the accelerator with her feet. She had a late meeting at work and had earlier arranged for her son to be picked up by the nanny she had been using since Zach had been born 7months ago. She wanted to be sure he had been picked up from school which was on the other side of town. The nanny wasn’t picking her calls. She grabbed the phone again and searched for the crèche manager’s number. She found it and sighed. At that moment a car stopped abruptly in front of her, she slammed the brakes and released a torrent of curses. The number was ringing, a lady picked up “Hello… Uh-Huh… I wanna know if my baby has been picked up by my nanny… Yeah Zach… Oh, thanks! Yeah bye…” Zach’s been picked up. She eased up a bit.

She zoomed into the drive-in, sending little stones flying into the air. She left the car with her briefcase and dumped it on the chair as she entered the living room. She stormed into the kitchen in a quest to satisfy the raving hunger she felt. She found pots on the burner, opened them and found noodles in one, sauce in the other. She quickly grabbed a plate while muttering words of prayer for her nanny. She then remembered that they should have been home by now. “They are probably caught up in the traffic” she thought to herself. She instantly forgot about it and settled down to eat her meal. The sauce was particularly nice, the meat in it was tender and juicy.

Carol wondered where she got the meat from, “I thought we ran out yesterday… Well maybe I didn’t check the freezer well” she spoke aloud. As soon as she finished eating, her phone beeped… She ignored and stood up to help herself to another bowl of the sauce. She carried the plate and cellphone to the living room and slumped into the cushion. She then opened her inbox to check the message. It was from her nanny. She read twice, terror gripping her soul. She spat the chunk of meat in her mouth out, released an high-pitched, guttural scream and immediately passed out. The text read… “You see, that’s how delicious a sauce is when it’s made out of a human baby’s flesh and blood”

Peace Popoola, Pen Name: Peace Pop Peace, is a budding talented fiction writer who hopes to reach the world with the tentacles of her creativity. She loves interacting with intelligent people who she believes will help her mind reach beyond the boundaries of its intellectual and creative capabilities. She studies Veterinary Medicine in the University of Ibadan.


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