Arch…and Lines!



The curve,
One of a kind,
Like no other…

Able to cause a disorder,
Not as big as Koko’rin,
Not as small as the pot…

Eyes roll off their socket,
Heads stagger off their necks,
The mouth turn market gates…

Drowning the wind in hordes of thoughts,
Stirring frozen blood to life,
Spurring men to:

A miscalculated step,
A senseless clash of wills,
Devoid of the ageless truth:

That curves one day will turn lines!

©MAMMOTH et Spyglass

Peter Adetiba, Pen Name: Mammoth, is a master pen pusher who also shares the belief that the Soul needs to situate its own distinct voice in the world it lives in. This belief, he expresses, in his write-ups and other artistic activities like graphic designing. He is a graduate of the Communication and Language Arts department, University of Ibadan.


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