Efforts are Man’s; Success is God’s!

The Writer: Adekunle Abeeb

The Writer: Adekunle Abeeb

A lot of people out there are really intelligent, no doubt. They are very intelligent that they can perfectly plan their lives. They know what they want and ought to do at all times. These people can go as far as making plans for the future and strategically following them. It’s really good to be smart, and planing one’s life is a responsible act.

Evaluating this assertion, we’ll observe that indeed some people know the right thing to do. Whenever they want to achieve anything, they take the right and required steps, and fashion a mechanism considered workable.

In tertiary institutions, virtually every student wants to finish with good grades. However, some claim they don’t see first-class as a priority, they still want to finish with something reasonable , eventually. At least, something good enough to be presented with other documents whenever they are seeking for jobs. The intelligent and determined students plan their daily activities in ways that will aid the realization of their dreams. Some will spend most of their time in the library studying seriously, while some who are smart know how to balance things – combining social activities with pleasure and academics. However, it is shocking that some of these so-called “intelligent students” do not get results that commensurate their effort.

Similarly, people in other areas of human endeavour face the same fate. You find a lot of smart businessmen end up being bankrupt. This is not because they invested in the wrong businesses, or have insufficient fund to operate. In fact, most of them do their feasibility studies brilliantly, they also market their products or services well, and seek the service of the best Advertising Agencies – just like every other successful business establishment does – unfortunately, they always account for losses. Likewise, we find some motivational speakers who can explicitly analyze how to make millions in a week,but a lot of them hardly earn thirty thousand monthly, despite the high level of their intelligence.

At this point, one will wonder why things happen this way. Well, this is just an unarguable fact about life. The reason why a lot of people fail to achieve some things they have worked hard to get is not far to seek. In some situations, the Supreme being’s plans for us might be different from what we want for ourselves, but the truth is that, many people forget to carry Him along in their plans and look forward to seeing everything going fine for them. Consequently, many do not realize that ” HOWEVER INTELLIGENT HE HAS CREATED US, HE REMAINS THE ONLY SUPREME CONTROLLER OF EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO US.” He knows our plans before we conceive them. He knows the things we like and detest. He knows those ones we like which are not best for us and the ones we detest, but will be beneficial to our lives.

In conclusion, some people who are created intelligent are seen to depend solely on their prowess so much that they believe it is enough to get them everything. However, we should note that getting anything in life is more than just doing what is required of us, it also involves consulting the Supreme being. Let us be awaken to the fact that the best method of achieving our desires is through God, our effort and our merit. Hence, the most considerable workable logic is; “WORK LIKE IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOU, PRAY LIKE IT ALL DEPENDS ON GOD.”

ADEKUNLE ABEEB is a budding writer who is passionate about getting the world to hear His own distinct voice. He studies the Communication Arts in the University of Ibadan.


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