“…roses are red;
violets are blue;
broken dream bed?
stick’em with glue!”

Did you ever have a dream? Like something you wanted to do so bad it’d make you cry? Have you ever felt lost because your dream seemed blurrier than a two month old foetus? Are you sad because you feel an opportunity was not granted your dream to see the light of day? Has that made you a broken record of painful regrets of what could or could not have been? Is your passion still your obsession? You’ve now shrunk into a shadow of yourself because you still can’t find your place in this of conflicting interests, havn’t you? Like the the tentacles of a snail you wriggle back into your sorry shell at the first unfavorable stimulus and stayed there ever since right?
But really is it worth giving up your worth for some worthless words of unworthy failures? Why allow the deepest fears of frail feeble minds frame your future falsely? Don’t you know that we are all not made of the same stuff and as such aren’t meant to come out the same way? Or did you really think we are all on the same page? Nada. That’s the lie that weenies ride on to evade their colourful destinies. You say you fear being perfectly you? Who are you not to be talented, intelligent, beautiful and true?
“Retreat” is a coward’s first resort to battle. No such people are even worth their dream. They never achieve or amount to anything in life. However shattered, however stereotyped, however discriminated against, however alien it is, it is still your dream, yours and no one else’s. Nobody has a right to shove it into oblivion unless you let’em. So pick up your sorry self, get off your butt and fly that flag so high it’ll soar with the eagles. Stand up, gather the broken pieces and stick’em with glue.

March, 2016

Adekunle Victoria, Pen name: BellaRoseDuVie, is a passionate writer with the zeal to speak the truth in her mind to the world she lives in. She’s lively and fun to be with. She studies Communication and Language Arts in the University of Ibadan.

Are you Sad? Photo Credit: Google!

Are you Sad?
Photo Credit: Google!


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