I am a Hero!

Every day –
Its own demons.
They twist the journey
And stab my ankles.
They lay stones
On the path.
So I fall,
The earth rushes
To meet me – smiling.
The whiplashes
Fall like hail
To caress my flesh
And draw patterns
As beautiful
As the whirlwind.
Then comes the trampling,
It seems as if
I am not there
Or am I?
They crush my bones
Through it all,
The fire in my heart
Never died,
And it burns
Till it consumes
Every bit
Of my mortal shell.
The sun sends it rays
I hold them,
And they pull me
Up on my feet.
The wind whispers
Into my ears
That my battles
Will end soon,
And I will not die.
Then life asks me:
“Who are you?”
I look up at it
With eyes
The colour of blood
And shout with might:
“I am a Hero
I am a Hero…everyday!”

26th, Sept. ’15.
9:55pm, Arts Quad.


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