You Opened My Eyes… (continuation)

“Now, why have you been avoiding me Mac?” She queried, “Why have you been hiding yourself all this while?” She asked again, holding my chin softly and directing my face and gaze to fall on hers.
I sighed deeply.
“I’m sorry…” I said simply.
“Now that’s it Mac!” She said, cutting me short, “I don’t want you to be sorry. I know you must have a reason for avoiding me and it’s that reason that I want to know.”
I sighed again and was silent. I did not know how to start what I wanted to say.
“Mac! Speak!” She ordered, “If you don’t, then you are a coward.”
I paused a little, thinking of how to start, before I eventually spoke.
“I tried to avoid you, thinking probably…that…if you saw less of me, the feelings you have for me would probably fade away and…” I said.
“Mac” She called, interrupting me, “You are an idiot of the highest order!” She voiced and continued, “How could you have thought that I would ever forget you? After what you did for me on that day? And besides, I thought you don’t feel the same way I feel about you, so why should it matter to you how I feel?” She queried.
“Because it does matter! And I do feel the same way!” I exclaimed, my voice rising a little. “How would I not?” I asked, lowering my voice, “After the things you said on that night at the faculty quadrangle. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. How would I not feel the same way? After reality dawned on me, on that day that you pulled that stupid stunt of forgetting your inhaler in your room.”
She looked at me, surprised. Her eyeballs seemed magnified a little and her mouth was slightly opened.
“Aramide” I called her name softly before I proceeded, “I never really knew what you meant to me, I never really knew how deeply I was in love with you, I never really knew how completely you had stolen my heart, until that fateful day, that I saw you in the throes of breathless pain. It was that day that I knew how much you mattered to me. It was on that day that I realized how it would break me into pieces if something serious than that, had happened to you.”
“But…but…” She stuttered.
“Shhhhh…” I hushed her, placing my right index finger on her lips. “Aramide Wrights”, I continued, calling her full name, “I’m sorry it took that incident to open my eyes to discover you as my one true love. I’m sorry it took that incident to spur me into realizing that you mean the whole world to me” I paused a little bit, closed my eyes and sighed deeply before opening my eyes and I continued, “Aramide…you opened my eyes…to look into your eyes…to see the depth of your love dawning on me like an avalanche. You helped me realize that I love you.” I said as I claimed her lips in a passion-filled kiss. She responded fiercely and held on to me tightly as if her life depended on it, our tongues dancing the fiery dance of frenzied romance. My hands moved around her to hold her thin waist as I drowned myself in the elixir of love that emanated from her being. I broke away from her to catch my breath and we stood apart, clutching each other’s hands tightly. She looked so flushed and heady and I knew I did not look different.
Tears started to drop from her eyes and she began to sob quietly. I knew they were tears of Joy and Love. I made no attempt to stop her.
“I love you from the depths of my heart Aramide.” I whispered to her.
She closed the tiny distance between us and fell into my arms, yielding all of herself and resting her head on my chest. My arms closed in tightly around her and held her close to my heart – beating wildly for her.
“I love you too Mac” She said amidst sobs, “I’ve always did.”
That moment, that time, it seemed as if the whole world stood still, looking at us. Everything felt right and perfect. I felt complete, as if all the pieces of my life’s puzzle suddenly fell into place.
‘I’m home.” I whispered to the wind, sighing deeply.
She pulled away from me after we stood there, holding ourselves tightly for what seemed like forever. She looked up at me, her eyes filled with love and wonder. I kissed all her tears away gently and she closed her eyes, letting me.
“What now?” She asked, opening her eyes and smiling shyly when I was done.
“I don’t know Sweetheart”, I replied, looking up at the “starry” sky, “The future is so vast.” I said.
“Yeap” She agreed, “But remember, the Future is a Word and the Word is an Egg and an Egg must not break!” She said wittily, alluding to the anthology of poems we read for GES201, written by ‘Niyi Osundare.
We both burst into laughter.
“Yes” I consented, “And Ours will not break.” I prayerfully promised.


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