Love dawned on Me… (A Short Story) (A sequel to Look into My eyes…) …continuation…

“Alright”, I said, “But would you please pack some of the food into a warmer and bring it along when you are coming…you now…in case Aramide might need to eat?” I requested.
“No probs.” She replied.
I left her and raced back to the clinic. I met the doctor on duty speaking to the three ladies. Cynthia pointed at me as soon as she saw me. The doctor turned around and waited for me to walk closer to him.
“Good evening Sir”, I greeted him, “How is she?” I asked, breathing heavily.
The doctor was elderly-looking. I envisaged him to be in his late fifties or early sixties. He smiled at me before speaking.
“Good evening young man”, H replied, “I was told you brought the young lady in.”
“Well…that was a noble thing you did, I must say.” He commended.
“Thank you Sir.”
“Yes…noble and wise”, He continued, “Because if you had brought her in later than that, she might not have survived it.”
“Ah!” I exclaimed involuntarily.
“Yes, you see…her asthma is in a chronic stage. When the attack began, she had delayed too much before she started to use the inhaler, which was why it could not really suppress the attack. But don’t worry; we’ve put her on a resuscitating machine and she is stable now.” The doctor explained.
“Oh! Okay Sir.” I said, heaving a sigh of sweet relief.
“She should be discharged tomorrow evening, after enough bed-rest, if everything goes on well.” The doctor concluded.
“Alright Sir”, I replied, “But ehm… Sir, please, the inhaler with her is not hers…” I began, and I told him how I got the pink inhaler. I then gave him Aramide’s inhaler and Jaja registration card and told him that I needed to return the pink inhaler to its owner. He agreed and called one of the nurses to give the inhaler to me.
“Sir, the owner is probably still at the faculty waiting for me, I need to go and return it.” I said, after the nurse had given me the pink inhaler.
“Alright, go quickly”, He said, nodding, “You did well son.” He voiced, patting me on my right shoulder.
I felt heat rise up in my cheek when he said that.
“Thank you Sir!” I replied. I turned around and ran to the faculty.

By the time I got to the faculty area, it was already 8:56pm when I checked my wristwatch. The lady was already leaving when I ran into the quadrangle, breathing heavily.
“Hey…” I said between breaths, “I’m sorry…it took…me so long…to return this…back…to you…” I broke off, still trying to catch my breath.
“Hey” She said, a bit surprised at my condition. I knew I must have looked hilarious at that moment. I saw something like an amused smile creeping slowing on her face.
“Calm down”, She continued, “It’s alright. I wasn’t even expecting you to return it today.”
“What!” I exclaimed softly, “What would you be using?” I asked her.
“I always carry an extra, in case of unpredictable situations…you know.” She replied and the smile broadened.
I sighed heavily. “To think that I ran all that distance to return something that she might probably not miss…things we do for love ehn…” I thought, gazing at the lady smiling amusedly in front of me.
“Anyway”, I said, breaking out of my thoughts, “It’s good I came to return it. I did what I thought was best, and besides, you still never can predict the turns things may take in the future, despite even preparing hard for it.”
“Yeah…that’s true. Thank you.” She said, accepting the inhaler.
“No, I should be the one thanking you…you…you are a life-saver.” I countered.
She shrugged her shoulders in a “whatever” manner.
“So, what happened?” She queried and I told her everything that happened.
“So, you weren’t even the one who used it?” She asked, after I had told her everything.
“Yeap” I said, nodding my head.
“Wow! That’s sweet of you. You’re the life-saver here, not really me.” She said.
I scoffed.
“Thanks anyway”, I replied.
“So, how’s she now?”
“She’s fine now. The doctor told me she was stable when I left the clinic.” I answered her, looking at my wristwatch. It was 9:11pm. “Ehm…please, I’ve got to fly now.” I told her.
“Oh…it’s okay. Just take care of yourselves.” She replied.
“Thank you very much for today”, I said, backing away from her, “I really appreciate it.”
She only smiled brightly and waved her hand. I turned around and started to run back towards the clinic. I was already at the S.U.B. when I remembered that I did not even bother to ask for the name of my benefactor. I smiled at myself.
I got back to Jaja and made necessary arrangements regarding Aramide’s welfare that night and her discharge the following day. I called her roommates and made sure that they were there with her at the sick-bay before I excused myself and left for my hall of residence, Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall. That day was the last day I saw her, till the end of our examinations that semester.

The need, to distance myself from her intensified. Even though I could define the feelings I had for her by then, I still had to learn how to control them. I still had to learn how to have a grip on my emotions, and I knew being with her would not help me. I could not trust myself around her anymore. The passion was so intense that I knew I would ‘explode’, if I gave her the chance to come near me. So, I avoided her in all the way that I can. Even when we had examinations together, I made sure we never met. I switched from my hotline, which was MTN, to my subordinate phone number, Etisalat. I severed all forms of connections between us.
I was not ready, to face her…yet.

Last sequel coming soon…


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