Look Into My Eyes…

This story is set in University of Ibadan. Apart from the setting, every other element in the story are completely fictional.

The half full moon looked on steadily from the sky as the stars twinkled playfully all around it. The leaves on the trees shivered as the cool breeze coursed through them. The whole Faculty of Arts grounds looked deserted except for a few scattered students, reading for their examinations. The solar-powered pole lamp standing on the roof of the faculty building shed its benevolent light on the quadrangle, adding to the serene beauty of the usually-bubbling-now-quiet focal arena of the budding literary giants of the nation.
In the background, someone played a Christian hymn, sang by a choir, on a mobile phone. The sonorous blend of these angel-like voices gave their own quota to the atmosphere of peace dominant in this place, where nature and technology lived together in perfect harmony.
She stood in front of me, in a short smug flowery gown barely reaching her knees. The firm-looking, melon-like mounds of flesh on her chest protruded proudly, catching my attention undividedly. Her shoulder-length hair, which she let down, was being blown all over her oval face by the breeze and she reached out occasionally to brush back the erring strands of hair to the back of her head.
My gaze lingered for what seemed like ages on her chest before it travelled down her fair body, charting a course past her flat stomach to stop at her adorably long legs. Then it sojourned up her body again and focused on her surreal face. The oval shaped face stood on a slender neck which was resting on a perfectly round shoulder that would have competed favourably with that of Helen of Troy. Her eyeballs were as big as the eggs of sparrows and they were “umbrella-ed” by thick eyelashes that have a way of drawing an unsuspecting observer into the magically sensual depth of the raw passionate looks that emanated from those vision-eggs. Her nose, straight and pointed, led to lips so full and rounded that they could drown one in the sensations of an impassioned kiss.
She held my left hand and was saying something which I was not listening to. I was sure it would not have taken her up to a fraction of a second, to notice that I was not concentrating on what she was saying.
She touched my right cheek lightly, trying to draw my attention to her words.
“Mac” She said softly, “you are not listening to me…”
“I am” I interrupted her; slightly embarrassed that she caught me gazing at her body.
She smiled.
“No, you are not Mac; your mind is somewhere else”.
I smiled guiltily.
“Alright, I’m sorry…I…I got distracted” I conceded.
“It is okay” She replied.
“So what were you saying?” I asked her.
“Mac, why are you doing this to me?” She asked and continued, “Why are you making things so difficult between us? I love you with the whole of my heart and I have shown this to you in no obscure ways. Why do you have to pretend as if you do not NOTICE me?”
“I do NOTICE you Aramide!” I said sharply and sighed before proceeding softly, “It is just that I do not feel the same way as you do”.
“You don’t feel the same way as how?” She queried.
“Mide…don’t you get it?” I asked her mildly, “I do not love you”.
“You don’t love me?” She questioned, “You don’t love me? Why? What’s keeping you back Mac? What’s holding you?”
“Sincerely Mide, I really do not know…I…just don’t feel…the same way you do”. I concluded, shaking my head for silent emphasis.
She sighed deeply.
“Now Mac, tell me, is it that I’m not beautiful enough for your taste or I have some behaviours that you don’t like or…”
“Mide…” I called her name softly, “You’re perfect the way you are and I’m very sure some other guys out there would kill to have you…but, I just can’t arouse enough feelings for you”.
She was silent for some minutes before she eventually spoke.
“Mac” She called, holding my hands, “Now look deep into my eyes and tell me that I don’t arouse deep feelings in you every time you see me. Look straight into my eyes and tell me that I do not dominate your thoughts and deeds”. She released my right hand and began to trace my face and half-bared chest with her fingers.
“Look into my eyes and tell me you don’t fight the deep urges that surge through your veins at the ministrations of my touches…tell me that I don’t affect you Mac” She said before closing the little gap between us and holding me firmly in her arms. She pressed herself tightly into me, all her curves fitting perfectly into the hard contours of my body. Before I could say any word in protest, her lips landed on mine and even though I tried to resist, I found myself responding fiercely to the magical influence of her lips. My hands went around her to grab her hair. My control slipped gradually from my fingers as my innate desire of her body step-wisely dominated all other reasoning.
My brain screamed “Stop!!!”, but I was far too carried away in that river of passion to heed the message. Then all of a sudden, she broke away from me and we stood apart, still holding hands and breathing heavily.
“Now Mac” She said excitedly, “After what just happened between us, after that powerful chemistry, look into my eyes and tell me you don’t love me” She concluded softly.
I looked into her eyes steadily for almost a minute, trying to calm my thumping heart, before I spoke.
“Aramide” I started, “You are my friend, someone I would not want to lose for anything in the world because you’re so dear to me…but it doesn’t mean I love you”, I sighed heavily before I continued, “What just happened between us, though to you might seem like love, is just physical to me. I responded to your body Mide, not your feelings. It was purely lust on my part and I don’t want to build a romantic relationship with you on a foundation as rotten as that”.
As I spoke, I noticed that the expression on her face fell.
“Aramide, I don’t know why…is it that I don’t know whether I love you or I haven’t even started to love you…I’m not sure. Fine! You arouse deep feelings within me as a FRIEND, but I’m not sure whether I love you the way you do love me and want me to in return…I really have to be sincere with you…” My voice faded off, not knowing what to say again.
She was silent for a couple of minutes and we stood on, gazing into each other’s eyes. A single tear dropped from her left eye and rolled down her nose. I reached out instinctively and wiped off the tear.
She sighed against my touch.
“Mac…I understand”, She said softly, “and thanks for being sincere with me, it really means a lot to me”, She paused a little, closed her eyes for a moment and opened it before she continued, “but I want you to know I’m not giving up on you…and always have this at the back of your mind – I love you and I’ll always be in the background waiting for you to realize how much you do love me actually…and when you’re finally ready, I’ll still be waiting patiently to receive you with open arms, and I know that day is not so far away.”
She released my other hand and stepped away from me.
“Seriously???” I exclaimed softly before turning around, walking away. I tried to keep my face calm, but my mind was in serious turmoil.
“Goodnight Mac” She called out to me.
I turned around and saw her smiling.
I did not reply.


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