Death Encounter

I walked along the path
And I stumbled upon him.
He wore the finest pearls
And the blackest apparels.
We shared an handshake
And he smiled darkly at me.
Then we walked along together
Holding hands like friends.

“They call me Everyman” I said,
“But who are you, my friend?”
“I am who you think I am” He replied,
“And who you want me to be.”
I wondered, pondered on these words
But the meanings eluded me.

“What exactly do you mean?”
I asked and gave a puzzled look.
“I can be many things to everyman,
Yet they call me just one name.
My name is actually Mr. Death
And I’m Master, Slave and Friend!”

12:05am; 30th Sept. ’15
Home. Ib.


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