They thought they killed us…

For fallen Biafra… In appreciation of Ngozi Adiche Chimamanda, Who spat out the remaining “Half of the Yellow Sun”…

they thought they killed us,
well…maybe they did.
but our courage, they couldn’t…
for heroes could’nt have fought
as vibrant as we did.
even in the face of death and defeat,
we stood!

we prevailed, yet they won.
but, there is nothing glorious
in their victory.
what joy could be derived
from conquering a subdued man?

they promised us life…
and they gave it.
yet, the life they gave
was full of the stillness of death.
they destroyed our prideful past,
and we can see no future
in this ‘rubbleful’ present.

we fear to think –
war is better,
or what is the use of peace
that brings with it –
the echoes of repressed sorrowful memories?
at least, in war,
we dare not think
of anything else
but preservation.
but, with this evil peace
comes the need
to survive
and start again.

help me ask the savages…
where do we start from?
when they haven’t given us the chance to…

I say…
let all things
that are good and just
curse them!
let the souls
of the departed
haunt them!
let the fierceness
of the fire of our cause
burn them!
let all things
that stand for truth
judge them!

for we are afraid…
afraid to invoke the name
of a God…
a God who took
their side against ours.
or was He sleeping
when we were being butchered?
we dare not draw Him
into this matter,
we fear
our curses may rebound.
for despite our grudges
against Him,
we know
He is potent still

Aunt’s Home, Igando. Lagos.
19/03/05, 2:15pm.


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