Our Tale

Our Tale!

we pretended as if we were dumb
just to let peace reign.
we subjected ourselves to their torture
just to avoid strife and chaos
we were made to look stupid
we were made to seem weak
we were vulnurable,
without any refuge.

they gloried in our sorrows
rejoiced in our sadness
danced at our deaths
partied at our perishing
they drank our blood
our very elixir of life
and fed on our flesh
our only true clothe and shelter…

…but even in our death,
we laughed at their foolishness
scoffed at their vanity
scorned their ignorance
we were dying, yet, full of life
we kept our hopes alive
for we knew…

yes! we had the knowledge
the knowledge they never and will never have
oh yes! we knew…
that nature will surely avenge itself
we knew that justice will take its course…
we knew our sufferings were not in vain
we knew our sacrifices will be remembered
we knew our just deeds will ring the bell of memories
and our unjust death-avenged!
we knew our labours’ not lost
and that our blood…
our very elixir of existence
will speak volumes
like that of abel…

therefore, let it be known…
throughout all the hills and valleys
let the trees and vegetations hear our tales of woe
let the birds and beasts sing our songs of sorrow
let both friends and fiends alike recite our stories of anguish
let it be known!
throughout all the corners of the earth
that we died for what we believed in…

we died for the defeat of evil!
we died for the triumph of good!
we died for the campaign of justice!
we died for the justification of righteousness!
we died that the truth might be vindicated!
we died that slavery and oppression might be vanguished!
we surrendered our lives
that it might live again in our children
that our generations unborn might live their lives
and breathe the air of freedom!

let it be known!!!


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