Only half of our Sun has risen

“For fallen Biafra… In appreciation of Ngozi Adiche Chimamanda, who spat out that remaining’Half of the Yellow Sun…'”

Only half of our sun has risen,
and yet they kill us like chickens…

is it that they fear our future?
or what reason would they give for our hopes they punctured?
why would they be afraid of our minority?
and befriend evil under the guise of false unity…

their sinister motives led them on,
until they won a war they should never have won.
even if war do not start again,
the curses our strangled voices emit, the land will retain.

the souls of our fallen brethren, we’ll forever mourn,
while we search for the other half of our sun.

night will come again, dear sun…
never forget this while you enjoy your bitter fun.


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