Death’s Conversation

Death’s Conversation

Memories lost in snowy shadows,
I find no safe refuge
as Death knocks patiently on my door,
waiting for invitation to enter.

I hesitated in answering-
“who told you,”he asked
“that I need doors?”
I waited and listened to his dark voice,
“I only knocked to give you time,
to gather yourself for your sojourn home!”

Time laughed at me-
“you can no longer,” he said,
“use me as excuse to postpone your purpose,
’cause I did mine, in giving you chance to do yours.
…and need me, you won’t, in the hereafter.”

the Flesh cries out in despair,
“O’boy, why not heed this call!”
I looked at it in amazement,
“a call you’ll eventually heed,
why run from a debt you can’t but pay?”

in fear, to the spirit I look for solace,
“it no longer is in my hands” he voiced,
“since they’re willing, willing I am too,
besides, I think I should go back to where I came from…I need to submit
the ledger for my deeds here”

“don’t bother to look up to me” said the soul,
“I’ll do whatever the spirit wants…”

so, what speaks in me?
I must ask!
when my whole existence questions my existence…

if the time is right, let me go,
I plead!

in Death, I’ll find peace!


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