When the Sun refuses to shine…

When the Sun refuses to shine… For fallen Biafra… In appreciation of Ngozi Adiche Chimamanda, who spat out that remaining “Half of the Yellow Sun…”

when the sun refuses to shine,
and the air stood still mourning its loss,
yet, the trees swayed, they swayed as if moved,
moved by the spirits of those long gone,
their memories-faded pictures of our lives’ tattered albums.

we were drunk with our own urine,
mixed with the sweats of our labours,
and the ‘butter-like’ mucus flooding down our noses.
our excrete filled our stomachs,
salted with sugar made from the stalks of bitter leaf tree,
we drank our wine from their bottles,
with the barrels of rusty guns as drawing straws,
emitting the sweet-flavour of gun powder and bullets.

…yet, the priest came and told us-God is alive!
we do not doubt the existence of a God,
who sat in His stately chair up there,
and watched all these happen to us,
what we seek to know is why His ways seems unjust at times.
why has the blood of our fallen brothers,
not cried out in vengeance like that of Abel?
or has God suddenly become tired,
of judging the world He created?

we only existed for its sake-existence,
our homes were anthills shared with spiders and worms,
as healthy sores made love with our drying skins,
birthing pleasurable pain of “uncoaxed” orgasms.
where was the world when we died…?
we died, yet we lived…
let them kill us all,
our souls will live to haunt their future!

it is not suffering…we do not see it as that,
it is living life.
this is the side of the coin life has offered us,
and accept it or not, won’t destiny prevail?
still, we know our cause are just…but reasonable?

we came from the land of the rising sun,
where the blood of our massacred kinsmen,
have drawn beautiful patterns on the black earth,
the country of the unsung butchered heroes,
not of war, but of its casualties.
yet, the world shall never forget our story!

“ejima m, bia”, let’s go home.
its late already and we found no food today.
we shall cook the corpse of your dead lover.
we need protein!

if the sun refuses to shine, we will make it shine…

cursed be them all!!!


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