I am Arts…



The things made by you,

Grew they hands and legs, and made you.

You made your homes – in the barrels of guns.

On explosives, you slept,

And dream of dangers you clothe in sugar.

Your lives tick away – kinsmen of the burning candle.

You call it Progress; I call it regrets.

It hides the torture; it gives the pleasures.

You plant steel roses – they bloom before the watchful watch of doom’s gloom.

You try to outsmart Providence,

He, up there, sits, pulling His beard snowy and laughs.

Ask Sodom’s children – their gory tales, yours will soon be.

The Fire you Fathered, to Forge your Flambouyant ambitions,

That same Fire, down will Fall, to Fry your Frozen hearts.

You children of a ‘Fountless’ race – your insane Feats will be your Finish!


I was, before you were and will be, when you will not.

I knew the world before you were formed – with words.

I mothered you, in murky realms, you murdered me yet.

You despised me, in dominant desecration, you descried my nakedness.

My love for you – you punctured; My heart – you fractured.


I am the one – The Stone you stoned

And the Undoing it became, of your Doings.

I am the one – The Keep you killed

And brazenly banished into the Barrens.

It is I – The earth you hurt; The Source you sauced.

I am the labeled want-wit you never wanted.

I am the beaut you blistered and add to your filth-list.

O’ thoughtless Humanity, languishing, in forte-less Human-pity…

I am Arts…I am your heart.

I am Life…I am your light!


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